The Pride Goes Wild in Bournemouth!

Don’t be surprised to come across some unusual four-legged creatures when you walk around Bournemouth on 25th June, as this is when the lions arrive in town!

50 life-size lionsculptures are waiting in anticipation for their grand public appearance as part of Pride in Bournemouth, a public arts event that brings the local community together whilst raising money for charity.

Each individually crafted lion is literally a work of art! With the help of local artists, schools and the community, the lions are really a sight to behold. Having received hundreds of lion designs, Pride in Bournemouth, with the help of its business sponsors, had the difficult decision of choosing just 50 creative ideas, which have now been transferred from paper to life-size statues.

The pride of lions will be placed around Bournemouth from 25th June, so you may see them whilst strolling through the beautiful upper or lower gardens or shopping in the town, the lions will literally be everywhere!

Charlie Langhorne, Director of Pride in Bournemouth said: “Bournemouth’s artists really have created some spectacular lions for us all to enjoy. The quality of the art and the imagination of the designs will showcase the town’s creativity while also encouraging people to follow the trail and discover, or re-discover, all that Bournemouth has to offer.”

To ensure you do not miss any of the lions, specially designed trail maps have been made, which will guide you on a wonderful walk around Bournemouth, giving families the opportunity to spot the amazing creatures together. There is also the chance to win a trip of a lifetime thanks to First Choice! By finding a letter on the base of each lion and using to complete a sentence you could win a fantastic holiday to Kenya. With entry boxes in the First Choice shop in Bournemouth Debenhams, winning a holiday to Africa couldn’t be simpler!

With characters like Dandilion, Frankenlion, Headlion, Lionfish and Born to be Free, to name but a few, on the loose, the town will be brought to life through the wonderful pieces of art. The lion pride also extends to a number of mini lions, which have been designed and decorated by thousands of very talented school children. These ‘cubs’ will be on display until September in Beales department store and Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre. Budding explorers are spotting a variety of amazingly coloured lions around Bournemouth as they follow the Pride in Bournemouth Trail.

Every lion has been supported by a nearby business, including Britannia Leatherbarrows, whose lion is called Britania. Craftsman Hazel Evans utilized the topic of go as the fundamental motivation for the beautification – with a Union Jack on the mane streaming down the body and mixing into banners of different nations.

For as far back as 5 years, Britania Lion has stood pleased at Leatherbarrows head office at Bournemouth Airport, guarding the front entryway! Until the point when she advanced toward Bournemouth Hospital on Monday (nineteenth September 2016).

Britania has been credited to Bournemouth Hospital, sorted out by the Bournemouth Hospital Charity, put in their Orchard gardens ignoring the lake, adding some vivid craftsmanship to their quiet open air region for patients, staff and guests to unwind in.

Darren Vale, Self-Storage Manager for Britannia Leatherbarrows said

“Leatherbarrows has an incredible association with Bournemouth Hospital and has accomplished for a long time now, not only that they utilize our capacity administrations, but rather a hefty portion of the Leatherbarrows Team have close binds by and by to this doctor’s facility”

“We think the Lion is an awesome expansion to the Bournemouth Hospital Garden, which gives everybody here, staff, patients and their families a tranquil, grand territory to unwind outside. The Lion includes some additional shading and euphoria to this officially wonderful range”

The new Bournemouth Hospital Orchard Gardens are required to be finished in November, and will be commended with an uncommon opening.

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