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About Pride in Bournemouth

Pride in Bournemouth is the purrfect follow-on event from Bournemouth’s bicentenary celebrations, as it will showcase the town’s heritage and achievements, both past and present, proudly displaying our talent, our creativity and our pride in Bournemouth. Based on a highly successful arts model, Pride in Bournemouth will bring the arts and business communities together for the benefit of the town. Individually crafted, one metre tall lion sculptures, will animate the streets and public spaces of Bournemouth for 10-12 weeks.

This world-class event will attract tourists to Bournemouth as well as encourage residents to see their town afresh, in effect becoming ‘tourists in their own town’. It will aim to achieve a significant economic, social and cultural impact through the engagement of Bournemouth’s public and private sectors together with the creative and local communities while highlighting the town on the national and international stage.

Pride in Bournemouth will also include a major arts-led education programme, encouraging thousands of children to engage with the project and their town, expressing their creativity and learning more about the world in which they live.
Ultimately, Pride in Bournemouth will raise significant funds for Julia’s House Hospice and the Born Free Foundation when the lions take centre stage in a charity auction, while at the same time leaving behind the legacy of a newly invigorated arts scene.