Food Bloggers Cookie Swap | Always Room for Dark Chocolate and Butterscotch

Dark Chocolate Butterscotch Pudding Cookies for the 2016 Food Bloggers Cookie Swap. It is probably no surprise to anyone that dessert is one of my favorite parts of any meal, which is why I was so delighted to participate in this year’s great food bloggers cookie swap. The food bloggers cookie swap supports Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. How could I say no!! For the cookie swap I decided to make butterscotch pudding cookies dipped in dark chocolate. Butterscotch Pudding Cookies? It’s a super-moist, tender brown sugar cookie with instant butterscotch pudding and butterscotch chips added to the mix. It’s kind of like butterscotch heaven, in my mind. The cookies themselves are not super-sweet, but rather tender with subtly vanilla and brown sugary. The dark chocolate ganache is very minimally sweet, but oh-so-tasty. If you are burger lover then macdonald offering some best deals grab it. Lesson learned: chocolate-dipped cookies are much more rich and satisfying than non-chocolate-dipped cookies. Dark Chocolate Butterscotch Pudding Cookies Ingredients 1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature 3/4 cup dark brown sugar 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1 (3.4 oz.) package of butterscotch pudding mix 2 large eggs 1 tsp. vanilla extract 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp. salt 1 cup butterscotch chips Dark Chocolate Ganache 6 ounces dark chocolate chips 1/2 cup heavy cream, plus 2 tbsp. Pinch of fine-grain salt Chocolate sprinkles Instructions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line baking sheets with silicone baking mats or parchment paper. Set aside. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda, and salt. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream together butter, brown sugar, and granulated sugar until creamy and fluffy. Add in the pudding mix, eggs, and vanilla extract. Beat well until incorporated. Slowly add in the dry ingredients until just combined. Fold in the butterscotch chips with a spatula. Drop cookies onto baking sheet with a cookie scoop and bake for 10 minutes or until slightly golden around the edges. Remove from oven and let cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes. Transfer to wire cooling racks to cool completely. Place the chocolate chips in a small bowl. Heat the heavy cream in a small saucepan; take the cream off the heat just before boiling. Pour the cream over the chocolate chips and add the salt; allow to sit for 5 minutes. Stir until the ganache is smooth. Once the ganache is totally cooled dip half of each cookie in melted chocolate then cover in sprinkles, transfer the cookie to parchment or wax paper. Repeat the process until all of the cookies are half dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Place in the refrigerator to set for at least 30 minutes.…

How You Can Find Dhow Cruise In Dubai For A Mesmerizing Tour

The dhow cruise package is one of the best experiences that you can enjoy in the evenings at Dubai; even you organize various occasions in these Dhow cruises. If you are willing to celebrate the anniversary of your parents or you want to go for the romantic date, these cruise voyages can be thrilling and exciting as well. This cruise journey is perfect if you want to spend a lovely evening with your close one. Just image you are on the deck of the cruise with your loved one and the sun is just setting and there is light around you with a soothing music track being played. Nothing can be so good than this. Book your cruise ride today to show how much you love someone.

Dhow Cruise In Dubai

More About The Dhow Cruise

The entire package is included in the Dhow cruise voyage, starting from the hotel room to the Dhow. The luxury car will take you and your loved one to the Dhow. The car will pick you to up and drop you at the Marina. Then, you will be boarding the wonderful Dhow where you will go to meet the crew members who will serve you with the coffee, food and other beverages that you will like to have. When you reach to the seat, you will be truly in love with the atmosphere, as it is too soothing and relaxing. The food that is served in the Dhow is varieties of Asian, Arabic and the Continental food. The delicious gourmet meal is served in the perfect buffet style.

What To Offer-

While you are enjoying the wonderful meal that is being served, you will get the chance to meet the professional dancers. You will also listen to the soothing music that is played. The music is perfect for the atmosphere. With the mouth-watering food, great music, entertainment; you can make the perfect dinner date with the person whom you love. There is much more waiting for you. When you are looking for the perfect Dhow cruise, you should check the service providers from the internet or from the hotels that you have booked to get in touch with the best dhow. The Dhow that will provide the best experience at the most reasonable price is better to hire. Though you may think that it will be a little costly for you to spend just for one evening, on the other hand, the experience that you will get is just out of words. You can also consider enjoying the stunning view of Dubai from the top of Burj Khalifa.

View From The Deck-

After having the dinner, you can walk to the upper deck. The view of the sea is just mesmerizing. You cannot even imagine Dubai can be so beautiful from the deck of the cruise. While you are standing on the deck, you can see the entire city in lights. This scene is really eye-catching and breathtaking. You can see the lights and the attractive architectural buildings of Dubai from the cruises. While enjoying the air from the deck, you take a deep breath and feel the fresh air within. This experience will surely bring you a little closer to the person with whom you are enjoying the cruise journey. The atmosphere is actually romantic and your loved one will surely in love with you in this serenity. Are you looking for the perfect heavenly date? Then the Dhow cruise can be the best option for you in Dubai.

There are various sightseeing places that you can see from the deck when you are sailing. You can see the COC building of Dubai that is on the banks of the Dubai creeks. It is actually known as the Chamber of Commerce. You can also see the ancestral home of the Nawab Sheikh Zayed. You can visit the Al Ain Museum as well. There are much more on the list. If you want to get the true experience of cruising, then book one for you now only!…

The Pride Goes Wild in Bournemouth!

Don’t be surprised to come across some unusual four-legged creatures when you walk around Bournemouth on 25th June, as this is when the lions arrive in town!

50 life-size lionsculptures are waiting in anticipation for their grand public appearance as part of Pride in Bournemouth, a public arts event that brings the local community together whilst raising money for charity.

Each individually crafted lion is literally a work of art! With the help of local artists, schools and the community, the lions are really a sight to behold. Having received hundreds of lion designs, Pride in Bournemouth, with the help of its business sponsors, had the difficult decision of choosing just 50 creative ideas, which have now been transferred from paper to life-size statues.

The pride of lions will be placed around Bournemouth from 25th June, so you may see them whilst strolling through the beautiful upper or lower gardens or shopping in the town, the lions will literally be everywhere!

Charlie Langhorne, Director of Pride in Bournemouth said: “Bournemouth’s artists really have created some spectacular lions for us all to enjoy. The quality of the art and the imagination of the designs will showcase the town’s creativity while also encouraging people to follow the trail and discover, or re-discover, all that Bournemouth has to offer.”

To ensure you do not miss any of the lions, specially designed trail maps have been made, which will guide you on a wonderful walk around Bournemouth, giving families the opportunity to spot the amazing creatures together. There is also the chance to win a trip of a lifetime thanks to First Choice! By finding a letter on the base of each lion and using to complete a sentence you could win a fantastic holiday to Kenya. With entry boxes in the First Choice shop in Bournemouth Debenhams, winning a holiday to Africa couldn’t be simpler!

With characters like Dandilion, Frankenlion, Headlion, Lionfish and Born to be Free, to name but a few, on the loose, the town will be brought to life through the wonderful pieces of art. The lion pride also extends to a number of mini lions, which have been designed and decorated by thousands of very talented school children. These ‘cubs’ will be on display until September in Beales department store and Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre. Budding explorers are spotting a variety of amazingly coloured lions around Bournemouth as they follow the Pride in Bournemouth Trail.

Every lion has been supported by a nearby business, including Britannia Leatherbarrows, whose lion is called Britania. Craftsman Hazel Evans utilized the topic of go as the fundamental motivation for the beautification – with a Union Jack on the mane streaming down the body and mixing into banners of different nations.

For as far back as 5 years, Britania Lion has stood pleased at Leatherbarrows head office at Bournemouth Airport, guarding the front entryway! Until the point when she advanced toward Bournemouth Hospital on Monday (nineteenth September 2016).

Britania has been credited to Bournemouth Hospital, sorted out by the Bournemouth Hospital Charity, put in their Orchard gardens ignoring the lake, adding some vivid craftsmanship to their quiet open air region for patients, staff and guests to unwind in.

Darren Vale, Self-Storage Manager for Britannia Leatherbarrows said

“Leatherbarrows has an incredible association with Bournemouth Hospital and has accomplished for a long time now, not only that they utilize our capacity administrations, but rather a hefty portion of the Leatherbarrows Team have close binds by and by to this doctor’s facility”

“We think the Lion is an awesome expansion to the Bournemouth Hospital Garden, which gives everybody here, staff, patients and their families a tranquil, grand territory to unwind outside. The Lion includes some additional shading and euphoria to this officially wonderful range”

The new Bournemouth Hospital Orchard Gardens are required to be finished in November, and will be commended with an uncommon opening.…

Follow the Trail to a Pride of Lions

Budding explorers are spotting a variety of amazingly coloured lions around Bournemouth as they follow the Pride in Bournemouth Trail.

Nestled in woodland and parks, and even amongst the hustle and bustle of the shops, 50 life-size lion sculptures are wowing the crowds as they follow a special trail map around Bournemouth as part of a public arts event that brings the local community together whilst raising money for charity.

Designed and created by talented local artists, each lion is painted to compliment its namesake. Characters like Santa Paws, Firestar and Bunting make an unusual sighting around the town.

Charlie Langhorne, Director of Pride in Bournemouth said: “Since all the lions were positioned in their new home around the town last month we have received incredible feedback.

It’s been an energizing time around here recently – The Lions are returning home! Renfrewshire School youngsters hMini Lions coming homeave been painting the 39 smaller than expected lions and they are presently prepared to quickly return home before they take off to their new homes for the mid year. Between the ninth of July and the 25th of September you will have the capacity to locate the scaled down lions at different areas all finished Paisley.

These females, of which there are four today, were naturally introduced to the Tsalala pride. In 2008 the first tailless female, who is no longer with us, and her two little girls brought forth three litters which totaled eight fledglings. Four were guys and four were female-the posterity of the Mapogo. These offspring were exceptionally awful to be naturally introduced to the last years in the Mapogo rule, as the Majingilane touched base in 2010 with compel. One of the main things they did in the wake of disposing of the Mapogo, was to fiercely attest their strength over the Tsalala pride.

The headliner is a family amicable trail of 25 vivid lion models, painted by neighborhood specialists, supported by nearby organizations and situated over the town focus boulevards. These lions will be set at neighborhood purposes of enthusiasm all through the town.

“The lions are literally stopping people in their tracks as they marvel at each lion’s individual beauty. We have received so many compliments on our Facebook page from people who have enjoyed following the lion’s trail.

“It is a great way not only to see all 50 lions, but also to explore the wonderful town of Bournemouth. There is even the chance for people to win a fantastic holiday to Africa thanks to First Choice. All you have to do is find a letter on the base of each lion and use them to complete a sentence – it couldn’t be easier!”

The trail maps are available from the Bournemouth Tourist Information Centre, The Bournemouth Echo reception, The Pavilion, BIC and Café Renarto in the Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre, or simply download from the Pride in Bournemouth website .

To keep up to date with all the latest news and competitions, or to tell us what you thought about the lion’s trail, find us on the Pride in Bournemouth Facebook page.…

Go Wild and Own Your Own Lion

Having delighted thousands of visitors to Bournemouth during the summer, the Pride in Bournemouth lions are ready to say farewell as they make their final public appearance at the star-studded lion auction.

All 50 of the life-size lion sculptures will be up for grabs at the auction being held at The Pavillion on 18th September.

Charlie Langhorne, Director of Pride in Bournemouth said: “The auction is the final chapter to the Pride in Bournemouth project. It is here where we raise the much needed funds for Julia’s House and the Born Free Foundation, so it is really important that we get as much support from the local community as possible.

“A Pride in Bournemouth lion is the perfect way to make a statement, whether you want to make the neighbours talk with an alternative to the garden gnome, or a local business that wants a fantastic and colourful addition to their reception, the lions are certainly a talking point!

The closeout is the last section to the Pride in Bournemouth venture and we would like to raise truly necessary assets for Julia’s House Hospice and the Born Free Foundation.

Every lion is a one of a kind bit of workmanship which has been hand painted or made by skilled neighborhood craftsmen and the nearby group. With every one of the 50 life-scrutinized lions are for gets, it is the ideal approach to create an impression. Regardless of whether you need to make the neighbors converse with an other option to the garden little person, or are a nearby business that needs a phenomenal and bright expansion to your gathering, the lions are surely an idea!

The breathtaking closeout will welcome supporters, on-screen character, Martin Clunes and untamed life campaigner, Virginia McKenna, together with kids’ most loved TV character, Chris Jarvis. Superstar TV salesperson and star of Cash in the Attic and Flog It, James Lewis will be driving the procedure with his sledge close by.

“With each lion hand painted or crafted by talented local artists and the local community you will not find anything else like it in the world, so it really is a unique piece of art!”

The spectacular auction will welcome patrons, actor, Martin Clunes and wildlife campaigner, Virginia McKenna, together with children’s favourite TV personality, Chris Jarvis. Celebrity TV auctioneer and star of Cash in the Attic and Flog It, James Lewis will be leading the proceeding with his hammer in hand as people bid for their favorite lion.

The gala auction has already gained a lot of interest as people get ready to bid for their favourite lion and with a whole pride to choose from including Firestar, Bunting and Headlion, there is a sculpture that everyone will love.

Before taking their final bow, the pride will be wowing the crowds on the south terrace of The Bournemouth Pavilion between 10am – 3pm on 17th and 18th September. The Gala auction will be held at the Bournemouth Pavilion on the 18th September from 7pm.

To enjoy the Gala reception and auction the ticket price is £15 for reception and auction entry or £5 if you simply want to attend the auction. You can buy your auction tickets now, in person from the Pavilion or BIC ticket office. Ticket line: 0844 576 3000 Online:…

Beales Writing Competition is a Roaring Success!

The search for Bournemouth’s next budding young writer is over as the Beales Writing Competition in conjunction with the Pride in Bournemouth event closed Saturday 13th August. All the entries have been read and independently judged by a panel of readers at the Bournemouth Libraries. The two lucky winners have been invited to the store on Saturday 3rd September to receive their prizes. £100 worth of Beales vouchers, VIP tickets to the Pride in Bournemouth Grand Finale Auction and to meet Martin Clunes and an ‘Adopt a lion’ gift from the Born Free Foundation are the fantastic prizes each winner will be presented with. The two winning stories will also be published on the Bournemouth Echo’s and author of the story, Lauren St. John’s websites.

Charlie Langhorne, Director of Pride in Bournemouth and Wild in Art will be suitably dressed as a safari ranger to award the children with their prizes in the store at 11am Saturday 3rd September.

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Carole Rigby, Store Director of Beales, Bournemouth commented, ‘We are pleased so many children took part in our writing competition and have been amazed at the creativity and great imagination used by all entrants. This community event has been very positive and we have enjoyed our involvement. Our Beales lion, Winston, has certainly gained some fans and we hope he raises lots of money at the final auction event.’…

Final Farewell to the Pride of Bournemouth

Over 5,000 people said their final goodbye to the Pride in Bournemouth Lions as they made their last public appearance before the highly successful auction, which raised a considerable amount of money for charity.

The popular Pride in Bournemouth public arts project came to an end at the weekend, culminating in a spectacular star-studded charity auction which raised over £73,000 for Julia’s House and the Born Free Foundation charities.

Celebrity supporters of Pride in Bournemouth arrived to kick the proceeding off with actor, Martin Clunes hosting the evening, and wildlife campaigner, Virginia McKenna and children’s favourite TV personality, Chris Jarvis making a guest appearance. The event, which was held at the Pavillion welcomed over 1400 people all hoping to out bid each other to become a proud owner of one of the 50 individually crafted life-size lion sculptures.

TV auctioneer, James Lewis got the auction off to a flying start as people bid for their favorite lion. The general public and local businesses did their best to secure their preferred lion, and with each individually designed by a local artist, and with its own personality, the choice was difficult.

Charlie Langhorne, Director of Wild in Art said: “The auction was a fitting tribute and finale for Pride in Bournemouth, not only did the lions sell for a substantial amounts of money but it was rewarding to see the event so well attended by a whole cross section of Bournemouth society demonstrating that Pride in Bournemouth was a truly community lead event.”
After over a year of preparations, creative thinking and countless hours of hard work, the final auction of the pride goes wild was a fitting end to a project which has brought the community together through art.

Organised by Wild in Art, Pride in Bournemouth will be remembered fondly by all those involved, and leaves behind a legacy for all future community art projects.…